Lacero | Security, Control and Compliance for Digital Assets

Security, Control and Compliance for Digital Assets.

We want to show you something truly different.

The world’s most scalable, feature-rich, secure custody solution.

A unique modular API-based architecture seamlessly integrates & performs with your business, without compromise.

How? We have the best technology, the best processes and the best people. Get in touch and we’ll show you that we’re not just another ‘secure’ custody solution.

Safe Self Custody
Seamless Integration
Distributed & Encrypted Policy Enforcement
Maximum Control, Absolute Flexibility
Performance & Scale
Total Transparency
Unique Architecture

Advanced digital key management system secures keys and manages an encrypted multi-authorisation process on a configurable policy framework.


Highly scalable. Automated. Streamlined operations to meet the demands of your business.

Flexible Control

Highly configurable policy rules to match workflow. Maximum visibility. Total transparency.

Seamless Integration

Flexible API suite complements existing technology stack with a detailed & accessible data model.

Feature Rich Compliance

Immutable real-time monitoring & logging covers all aspects of reg reporting, compliance, audit and governance.


Supports T+0. Perfect for low latency environments. As secure as a vault, as available as a wallet.

Policy Driven

Highly configurable, encrypted policy framework enforces control to safeguard against multiple threats.

Managed Risk

Ensure policy enforcement. Distributed operations and transactions. Minimised concentration risk.

More secure than cold.

Take a vault and combine the choice of secure hot and air-gapped cold wallets.  Maximise their strengths whilst eliminating their weaknesses, delivering T+0 performance. Patent-pending technology combines advanced FIPS/NIST encryption with dual-stream blockchain.

We’ve taken the best of the best technology across data distribution, sharding, encryption and blockchain. We’ve put it together in a strong, functional architecture to put world-leading secure technology at your disposal.

Our API capability gives you flexibility to use the complete stack as an integrated solution or connect your own front-end and storage resources into our core cryptographic engine

Executive Team

Co-Founder – Rashid Hoosenally had a 25-year career in international financial markets in derivatives, electronic trading and international payments before starting Lacero with his Co-Founders Yuri Vizitei and Stuart Winter who have a combined 60 years experience in advanced database architectures, including the use of distribution and sharding, cryptography, key management and the use of blockchain as an advanced security rail.

Lacero is backed by a select group of senior leaders in the international financial services industry, including several global heads of sales & trading, operations, legal and investment banking at several of the world’s leading investment banks and asset managers.

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